NECTA: Standard Four Examination Results | Matokeo ya Mtihani Darasa la Nne

Standard Four National Assessment (SFNA)

The format aims at assessing the competence of pupils in Reading, Writing
and Arthmetic skills, in the level that allows them to transfer the acquired
knowledge in solving social, political, economic and technological problems
for personal and national development

* E: Results withheld, pending proof of candidates’ payment of requisite Examination fees.

* I: INCOMPLETE Results due to candidates’ missing Continuous Assessment (CA) scores in all subjects offered.

I: Incomplete results due to candidates’ missing Continuous Assessment(CA) scores in one or more subjects offered but not all.

* W: Results withheld/nullified or canceled due to proven candidate’s involvement in cases of dishonesty or irregularities before, during or after the examinations.

* T: Specific subject(s) results are transferred to the previous year after a candidate was proven with illness during the examination.

ABS: Candidate missed to take the Exam.

FLD: Candidate failed the Exam.

X: Candidate did not appear to take the exam for the particular registered subject

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