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Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU) is a higher learning institution established by the North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Starting as Sebastian Kolowa University College (SEKUCo) of Tumaini University on 28th October 2007, it was the first university to be opened in Tanga region. It is located in Magamba, Lushoto District, in the heart of the renowned Usambara mountains. On 30th September 2012, SEKUCo was transformed into a full-fledged higher learning institution known as SEBASTIAN KOLOWA MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY (SEKOMU).
The name of the university derives from the first African bishop of the Diocese. On 25th November 2005, the Executive Council of the NED formally declared that the university college should be named after this leader. Born on 2nd May 1933, he was elected to the position of Bishop in 1972 and consecrated in 1974. Two years later, he became the Presiding Bishop of the ELCT. After completing his doctoral studies in Germany, Bishop Sebastian Kolowa acquired the Doctor of Theology award in 1987. Bishop Dr. Sebastian Kolowa died on 26th October 1992. It is in honour of this renowned, yet very humble servant of God, that the University continues to bear its name.


About Religious Life


Since Tanzania is a secular state, students have complete freedom of religious worship as long as it is intended to promote the welfare of the student’s life and encourage positive religious values.


About Cafeteria Services


SEKOMU have cafeteria where students are required to pay for all their meals. Since university hostels do not provide cooking facilities, students are not allowed to prepare meals in the university hostels.


About Medical Services


Medical services are available, but all students are required to pay medical fees through their Health Insurance. It is important to note that prior to admission to the University, each student is required to furnish the University with satisfactory medical report.


About Sports and Recreation


The University provides facilities and opportunities for a wide range of sports and recreation. These include playgrounds for football, volleyball, basketball, and netball. Other activities include clubs, social activities, music festivals and cultural events, just to mention a few.


About Bookshop & Stationery Services


The University has encouraged private businesses to operate bookshops at the University premises. Services include sell of textbooks, reading and studying materials and stationery to students and the general public.




About Students’ Organization
The University has a Student Association “Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University Students Organization’’ (SEKOMUSO) of which all students are automatically members by registration. The SEKOMUSO Office is under the mentorship of the Office of Dean of Students. The organization is an important link between students and the University management. The organization contributes in decision making on matters that affect students’ welfare, social activities, games and sports and entertainment. Main aims of SEKOMUSO include:
-To represent students in the University participatory organs.
-To ensure academic and social wellbeing of SEKOMU students.
-To liaise with other Universities for exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences so as to be aware of what is happening globally.


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