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University History

Sokoine University of Agriculture was first established on the 1st July, 1984 by Parliamentary Act No. 14 of 1984 through the amendment of Parliamentary Act No 6 of the same year. Following repealing of the Act, the university is now operating through the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter, 2007 through the broad framework of the Universities Act, 2005.


The history of Sokoine University of Agriculture dates back to 1965 when it started as an Agricultural College offering diploma training in the discipline of agriculture.
After the dissolution of the University of East Africa and the consequent establishment of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) in July 1970, the College was transformed into a Faculty of Agriculture of University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) and thereby started offering Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. .
In 1974, the Division of Forestry was established and hence the faculty was named Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.
The introduction of Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1976 and the establishment of the Division of Veterinary Science, the Faculty was re-named “Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences”. .
The Faculty was on the 1st of July 1984 transformed, through Parliamentary Act No. 6 of 1984, into a full-fledged University and became known as Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).
The university was named Sokoine University of Agriculture in honor of then Prime Minister of Tanzania Edward Moringe Sokoine who died on 1984.
Major Developments & Timeline
From 1965 up to the present day, The Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has experienced major developments and transformation in various areas of its operation. 
At its establishment in 1984, SUA was organized into Faculties, Directorates, Institutes, Centres and administrative Departments/Units. It started with three faculties namely the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 
Later on the following faculties, Institutes and Directorates were established; Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies (1986), Institute of Continuing Education (1988), Development Studies Institute (1988), Sokoine National Agricultural Library (1991), Computer Centre (1993), Faculty of Science (1999), SUA Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (1999) and Pest Management Centre (2000). 

For a period of 10 years since 2004, Moshi University College of Cooperatives and Business Studies were nurtured as a Constituent College of SUA until it was elevated into a fully-fledged Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU) in 2014.

University Charter and Accreditation
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) was established by Parliamentary Act No 6 on 1st July 1984. In 2005, the Universities Act No 7 cap 346 repealed Act No 6 and paved way to the grant of University Charters.
Since 2007, SUA has been operating under its Charter and Rules, 2007 which was granted by the then President of the United Republic of Tanzania H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete on 28/03/2007.
Legally, SUA is fully accredited by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). Through accreditation TCU provides quality assurance services, coordination and rationalization of training programmes, and promotes cooperation among universities in the country. 
Besides this legal framework, the University is also guided by a number of education and training policies that provide a coherent philosophy for the development and management of education in Tanzania.
University Logo
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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Sokoine University of Agriculture’s academic business is guided by the university’s vision and missions as well as the Corporate Strategic plan (2016-2021), the latter that spells out plans in keeping with university’s core missions and functions as well as the need to remain competitive.

SUA Vision Statement
The Vision of the university is “To be a leading University in the provision of quality knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied sciences”.
SUA Mission Statement
The vision is guided through the mission, which is “To Promote development in agriculture, natural resources and allied sectors through training, research and delivery of services”
SUA Core Values
In achieving its vision and fulfilling its mission, SUA adhere to the following core values:
1) Pursuit of excellence in service delivery 
2) Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, 
3) Competitive orientation,
4) Integrity, Transparency and Accountability, 
5) Results/ Achievement oriented
6) Diligence on duty,
7) Adaptive and responsive, 
8) Freedom of thought and expression 
9) Gender sensitive
10) Continuous learning.
SUA Motto/ Slogan

“Ardhi ni Hazina”. This is a Swahili word which means “Land is Treasure” in English

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